“There are different gifts but the same Spirit; there are different ministries but the same Lord; there are different works but the same God who accomplishes all of them in everyone. To each person the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.”

– 1 Corinthians 12:4-7

Sacred Heart Liturgy Commission Vision Statement

To prepare and cultivate a worship experience with full, active, conscientious participation while educating the faithful, so that through their work and the Sacraments all may encounter the joy of Christ.

Every person is called to contribute to the liturgy in a manner suited to his or her unique talents. For some, this means serving in a liturgical ministry at Mass.

When the faithful of our community gather, we become a visible sign of the Body of Christ. During this “sacrament of unity” the whole Body of the Church is involved in many different ways. Many of the important Liturgical functions of our celebrations are entrusted to the laity, who are drawn from the community, trained by the parish, and entrusted with the sincere devotion and decorum expected of them by God’s people. Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Altar servers, Hospitality Ministers (Ushers), Greeters and Music Ministers all exercise a genuine liturgical function and are an integral part of our celebrations.

Lay ministers foster the mission of Christ that flows from baptism and put their gifts at the disposal of the community for the common good and in response to specific needs. Sacred Heart is blessed to have many dedicated men, women, and children, who generously share the gifts entrusted to them by the Holy Spirit to serve the People of God. When people with particular qualities are matched with the liturgical roles that call for those qualities, the liturgy can speak powerfully to us, moving us to prayer.

”All parishioners are invited and encouraged to share their talents and interest with the Sacred Heart community by becoming involved in a liturgical ministry. Please consider serving for one of the ministries listed in the menu on the right side of this page, just click on the ministry of your choice:

To register or to learn more about one of the above ministries pleaseclick here.

PPC Delegate: Obdulia Bautista

Staff Delegates: Chris Nolin

“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been purchased at a price. Therefore, glorify God in your body.”

– 1 Cor. 6:1920

Guidelines for Dress

As liturgical ministers we need to lead by example and dress in a manner that expresses how we choose to present ourselves to God and to one another, even when not scheduled, so as to be able to serve if called upon. Bodily demeanor (gestures and dress) are part of the elements for worthy reception of the Eucharist and that such acts “ought to convey respect, solemnity, and joy of the moment when Christ becomes our guest” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1387).

The Eucharist is a most holy occasion and thus should be treated in the reverent, holy manner—in body, mind, spirit, and dress. Ministers shall prepare inwardly and portray their outward preparation in appearance by appropriate and modest dress in respect for our Lord and His Presence in the Holy Mass. If one does not come dressed appropriately they may be asked to refrain from presenting oneself for service.


  • Professional/Modest attire
  • Dress trousers/pants
  • Collared shirts
  • Closed shoes and socks


  • Professional/Modest attire
  • Dress trousers/pants
  • Dresses/skirts knee length or longer


The dignity of the service being offered by those who perform any service in the Sanctuary (or in any liturgical-related duties) remains the same for all Masses or public services (for instance, the priest vests the same at all Masses). Therefore, the minimum of “business casual” provided above (shirts/blouses with collars, full length slacks, nice shoes, etc.) worn with modesty and respect.

Altar Servers
The main task of the server is to model liturgical prayer with grace and reverence and enter whole-heartedly into the public worship of the community. The altar server assists the other ministers, especially the presider, during liturgical services. Altar servers minister by carrying the thurible, cross, and candles in procession, being a book server, and assisting the priest at the altar. Boys and girls, 4th grade and older, may serve in this ministry. Altar server training sessions are offered throughout the year with the expectation of regular attendance.

To sign-up please contact the parish office at or call (936) 756-8186 to provide the child’s name, grade and preferred training date.”

A/V Ministry

To assure that A/V media is used effectively at celebrations of the liturgy and the sound system is adjusted properly so the assembly may clearly hear the spoken or sung word by the priest, deacon, lectors, and music ministers. Control and adjust the slides, soundboard, lighting, and other A/V media at liturgical celebrations.

Contact: Parish Office at or call (936) 756-8186

Altar Society

The Altar Society’s main objectives are to cherish and promote devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament and to supply the necessities of the altar and sanctuary. Responsibilities include caring for the altar, altar linens and priest’s vestments; making or purchasing various religious articles needed and/or requested by the priest (e.g. linens, stoles, pall, vestments, etc.); The organization also promotes Christian living and service in Sacred Heart parish, fostering the spiritual development of the women of the parish and to provide opportunities for friendship and community.

Contact:  Parish Office at or call (936) 756-8186

Art and Environment

The purpose of the Art and Environment ministry is to create an atmosphere within the liturgical space that invites and inspires the assembly to full and conscious participation in the paschal mystery in keeping with the changing seasons of the liturgical year.

Committee members meet at intervals throughout the year to plan for the design, set up, removal and storage of the décor in correlation with each liturgical season.  Art and environment work is often sporadic and seasonal, with most of it being centered around the Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter seasons.  Most of the work is done during weekday mornings and/or afternoons in the church and/or hall for floral arrangements to ensure they are fresh and up to date with the liturgical the upcoming masses.

The ministry is always interested in recruiting creative people, such as artists, seamstresses, crafters, interior and floral designers, or those who just enjoy working with their hands.  There must be a willingness to be open to new ideas and to work on group projects.

Our meetings of this year are

1. Wednesday 11/24/21 at 10:00 am in the main church.

2. Tuesday 3/1/22 at 10:00 am in the main church.

3. Monday 6/6/22 at 12:00 am to 1:30 pm in the main church.

For more information please contact either the office, Chris Nolin or Trinh Waterhouse at

Prayer of our ministry 

Blessed are you, o God, Creator of the universe, who has given the earth  and it’s riches for us to cultivate. Grant that we may embrace the things of creation gratefully. We praise you for the good work manifest in the imagination and skill of those who bring beauty and delight to our worship. Guide our ministry with sacred objects and spaces that challenge and transform us. Instill in us a desire to share the talents entrusted to us to make beauty a companion of justices  and peace. May your blessing be upon all who share in this good work through Christ our Lord. Amen

Our members:

Trinh Waterhouse
Leading the team
John Shuler
Co-leading the team
Linda Shuler
Joyce Pool
John Bartow
Arianna Cecilia Cruz Garcia
Alicia Lopez
Carmen Overbay
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

By “extraordinary” we do not mean special, distinguished or set apart. The ordinary ministers of the Eucharist are the priests and deacons. Primarily, the Extraordinary Ministers of Communion assist with the distribution of Holy Communion, under both species, and clean the vessels after they have been purified by the priest, deacon or acolyte. They may also bring the Holy Eucharist to those who are homebound, in nursing homes or hospitals, or in prison. The Minister of Holy Communion must be a practicing Catholic, who is fully initiated and an active member of the Parish Community. Their own personal lives must be lived in the light of the sacramental character of the work they do and must, therefore, be practicing Catholics. Ministry formation and training sessions are offered throughout the year with the expectation of regular attendance.

English Coordinator:

Parish Office at or (936) 756-8186

Spanish Coordinators:

Maria Raya at (936) 333-3422 or

Martha P.  Sanchez at (936) 333-9881 or

Sub Coordinator:

Guadalupe Espinoza at


Hospitality Ministers (Ushers) help make people feel welcome inside the church by assisting to find available seats and introduce people to each other, take up the collection and ensure its safekeeping. They recruit a family or group of individuals to bring forth the gifts during the preparation of the altar, hand out bulletins or other materials, assist those who need special help, and answer questions. These tasks provide a wonderful opportunity for families to minister together. Ministry formation and training sessions are offered throughout the year with the expectation of regular attendance.

English Coordinator:

Please contact the parish office at with Subject: Ministry. Include the name of the ministry, phone, and email address with legal first and last name.

Spanish Coordinators:

Marcos Arellano at (936) 718-2637 or

Ivan Velazquez at (936) 217-6037


The Lector or Reader ministers to the community by proclaiming the Word of God to the assembly at Mass. The spirit of the parish community will be nourished through the meaningful proclamation of the Word of God. In so doing, they help the people of God to truly hear the Word that will shape their lives. The liturgy of the Word is to be celebrated is such a way as to promote meditation. Lectors must feel comfortable standing in front of the assembly, have good oral communication skills and the ability to read effectively. Lectors are expected to attend continuing ministry formation and training sessions throughout the year.English Coordinator: Flavia Price at or (936) 648-3988

Spanish Coordinator: Alma Olalde*

*Please contact the parish office at with Subject: Ministry.  Include the name of the ministry, phone, and email address with legal first and last name.

You will receive contact from the Coordinator of this ministry.


Sacristans care for the sacred spaces, vessels and objects. They have the important responsibility of preparing the altar and church interior (e.g. vessels, vestments, candles) for Masses and other special liturgical celebrations used in the liturgy. Their quiet presence is often unnoticed, yet the results of their labors are visible to all the parish community. Sacristan candidates must undergo training with another Sacristan for a length of time determined by the respective sacristan and the pastor. After suitable training, they are asked to serve at various weekend Masses with the expectation of regular attendance.

Interested in serving as a Sacristan?

Please contact the parish office at with the Subject: Ministry. Include the name of the ministry, phone, and email address with legal first and last name.

English Coordinator: Woody Sonnier

Spanish Coordinator: Miguel Sandoval

Acolyte Ministry
Contact: Jorge Galaviz at (936) 777-1649 or
Parking Ministry
Contact: Jose Bautista  at (936) 648-4381 or

Seek and You Shall Find

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Mass Times

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8:00 AM

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7:00 PM
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First Saturday

9:30 am

Daily Masses
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