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Catholic Faith

My neighbor is just beginning to explore the Catholic faith but was raised agnostic. I grew up believing in God, praying, and attending Mass. How does one start from scratch as an adult to develop a relationship with God?


I haven’t attended Triduum services before. What happens that’s different from a normal Sunday Mass?

Holy Thursday Foot Washing

What is the significance of foot washing on Holy Thursday?

Divine Mercy Sunday

Where did the feast of Divine Mercy come from?

Stations of the Cross

Who invented the Stations of the Cross?

End of Mass

Is it ever Ok to leave Mass before it ends?

Why Hold Hands?

Why do we hold hands during the Our Father?

Saint Vs. Blessed

What is the difference between a “Saint” and a “Blessed”?

Communion & Mortal Sin

I have a friend who receives communion, but who I know for a fact is in a state of mortal sin. Should I tell our priest? Is it my responsibility to say something?

Wedding Feast & Epiphany

How are the feasts of the baptism of Jesus and the account of the wedding feast of Cana related to the Epiphany celebration?

The Sign of Peace

Why do Catholics give the sign of peace to one another at Mass?

Seek and You Shall Find

Mass Times

7:30 AM
English (Organ/Cantor)

10:00 AM
English (Traditional/Contemporary)
Live Stream

12:30 PM
Live Stream

3:00 PM
Spanish (Contemporary)

5:30 PM
English (Contemporary)
Live Stream


8:00 AM

5:00 PM
English (Organ/Choir)
Live Stream

7:00 PM
Spanish (Traditional)

First Saturday

9:30 am

Daily Masses
Monday - Thursday

7:00 am
English (with Lauds)
Live Stream

12:10 pm

6:00 pm
Live Stream


7:00 am
English (with Lauds)
Live Stream

8:30 am
English (School Mass)
Live Stream

First Friday

7:30 pm
Bilingual (English & Spanish)


Can Catholics Gamble?

The Bible says that Jesus condemned gambling, but I notice that so many
parishes have them at festivals and other events. What’s correct?

Wine Distribution

Why haven’t Catholic Churches gone the way of disposable cups for wine distribution?

Patron Saints

Why are some saints honored as “patron saints”?

Anointing of the Sick

If it isn’t only for people who are dying, when should someone receive the Sacrament of Anointing of the

Church Collections

Where does the money go that is collected each week at Church?

Sin on the Soul

Why do some sacraments leave a character or mark on the soul? Don’t all sacraments affect the soul?

Coming Back to Church

I have been away from the Church for a few years and really want to get active again, not so much for me, but for my children. Is this a bad reason to come back to Church?

Dropped Host

What happens to a consecrated host if it accidentally falls to the ground?

Priests & Marriage Counseling

How can a priest counsel people about marriage when he has never been married?

Catholic Vs. Protestant Bibles

Why are Catholic and Protestant Bibles different?

Psychics and Mediums

Are Catholics allowed to visit psychics? Why or why not?

Should a Catholic Pursue an Annulment?

After a civil divorce, is a Catholic obligated to pursue an annulment?

The Giving of Treasure

Why are Catholics required to give money to the Church?

Public Life

If we have a separation of church and state, how should faith influence the way we act in society, especially for those who have a role in the government?

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