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To be a parish member is to enter into a relationship with other parish members on their spiritual journey. We do this together; clear expectations are at the heart of every healthy relationship.

Every Parish is a unique faith community gathered by the Lord Jesus to assist one another along the way of holiness. Trust that you have been brought to Sacred Heart by God’s initiative and that He plans to grow your faith by participating in the worship, catechesis, and service as we strive to be intentional disciples and faithful stewards. God bless you and your loved ones

What parishioners can expect from our Parish


A place where you experience transformation to become more and more the person God created you to be


A place where you are valued and recognized as having unique gifts and talents for serving God and others


A place where you use your God-given talents to help others and make the world a better place


A place where you are loved and supported in your spiritual journey regardless of the messiness and struggles of your life


A place where your needs are listened to and addressed


A place where your input is valued


A place where your financial contributions are honored and put to work to build up the kingdom of God with transparency and accountability

What our Parish can expect from you

To Worship

A place where you are valued and recognized as having unique gifts and talents for serving God and others.

To Grow

To become a follower of Jesus Christ is to be His disciple. Jesus said, “This is the will of my Father, that you should become my disciples” (John 15:8). A disciple means “one who is learning.” We believe that learning and growing are lifelong tasks. When we cease to learn and grow, we cease to be disciples and will experience stagnation in our spiritual lives. We expect every member of Sacred Heart Parish to commit to at least one faith formation program each year. We must remember that our commitment to growth helps those around us fulfill their commitment. In this way, our Church becomes healthy.

To Serve

Jesus said, “For even the son of man came not to be served but to serve.” (Mark 10:45) The essence of the Christian life is to serve God and one another. The Church is not healthy when it forgets this truth. We are called not just to serve individually but to do so corporately as the Church. This way, we give witness that the Church is the hands and feet of Jesus in the world. We also believe that every parishioner, without exception, has some-thing to offer that they do well and can do for the sake of the kingdom of God. We expect every parishioner to serve the parish by being involved in at least one ministry each year.

To Connect

The Church is a community of believers and not simply a collection of individuals who gather for one hour a week. A Christian community is one in which we are genuinely accountable to one another and accountable for one another. Parish-ioners accept this objective with due diligence, as the size of our parish makes it a real challenge. We expect every parishioner to contribute to the task of building community by seeing themselves as an integral part of this parish and being intentional about reaching out and connecting with others.

To Give

We expect all parishioners to give generously of their financial resources in proportion to what they have received. We contribute not just to meet a few basic needs or pay the cost of maintaining the church building; we give out of gratitude to God. The more the parish receives, the more we can do to build up God’s Kingdom, the more we can help the poor, and the more programs we can run to help others grow. Every-one is a crucial part of this mission. If someone has less, they give less. If someone has more, they give more. Our offering at the Sunday Eucharist is a vital part of our worship.

We hope you will consider joining us as disciples on the journey.

Seek and You Shall Find

Mass Times

7:30 AM
English (Organ/Cantor)

10:00 AM
English (Traditional/Contemporary)
Live Stream

12:30 PM
Live Stream

3:00 PM
Spanish (Contemporary)

5:30 PM
English (Contemporary)
Live Stream


8:00 AM

5:00 PM
English (Organ/Choir)
Live Stream

7:00 PM
Spanish (Traditional)

First Saturday

9:30 am

Daily Masses
Monday - Thursday

7:00 am
English (with Lauds)
Live Stream

12:10 pm

6:00 pm
Live Stream


7:00 am
English (with Lauds)
Live Stream

8:30 am
English (School Mass)
Live Stream

First Friday

7:30 pm
Bilingual (English & Spanish)


Parish Registration

Interested in joining Sacred Heart Catholic Church? Please allow 5 business days for the approval process. Join us!

How to become Catholic

Is God calling you to become Catholic? The Catholic Church welcomes new members into the faith.

Catholic School

To learn more about enrolling your children at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Conroe, visit the school’s website.

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