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Religious Education

And the same one granted that some would be Apostles, and some Prophets, yet truly others evangelists, and others pastors and teachers, for the sake of the perfection of the saints, by the work of the ministry, in the edification of the body of Christ, until we all meet in the unity of faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God, as a perfect man, in the measure of the age of the fullness of Christ.

– Ephesians 4:11-13

Kindergarten Through Sixth Grade Religious Education

The first catechists in any child’s life are the family members with whom he or she lives. What happens at home – both positive and negative – provides lessons for life. In the family, faith is shared as part of the unfolding of daily life. The home or “domestic church” provides a real place in which a child learns to live his or her faith as well as understand it. Call to Faith by Harcourt Publications is committed to partnering with parents and guardians to develop households in which the faith is shared and lived with vigor. Toward that end, Call to Faith is written with the family and household in mind. Call to Faith is deeply rooted in Church tradition. In its dependence on and faithfulness to both the “Catechism of the Catholic Church” and the “General Directory for Catechesis, it remains true to the magisterium, or the teaching office of the Church, and draws from the following source of Catholic wisdom:

  • SCRIPTURE: In Call to Faith, the treasure of God’s Word is highlighted and integrated into the program’s instruction, reflection, sharing, and prayer. Throughout the program students, catechists, and families are provided with the content and the tools necessary to explore the Scriptures and to enrich their faith.
  • DOCTRINE: Each lesson of Call to Faith draws on and instructs in Church doctrine in ways that help students, catechists, and families understand and appreciate the Church’s teaching as they apply to life today.
  • LIVES OF SAINTS AND PEOPLE OF FAITH: Call to Faith takes seriously the importance of models and witnesses of faith as a factor in the faith development of both children and adults. The story of one person of faith whose life witnesses to the lesson theme is presented at the end of each lesson, and stories of other saints and people of faith are interwoven into the lesson when appropriate.
  • CULTURAL CUSTOMS AND CELEBRATION: Many communities have customs and devotions that address or celebrate the faith, these customs and devotions involve the lived experience and wisdom of the Christian community, and they respect the context and culture of the local community. The inclusion of many of these rituals and customs is a unique component of Call to Faith.

Our goal is to create a program of lifelong faith formation that is centered in and flows out of the events of Church life. It embraces all ages and generation, promotes faith growth at home and promotes participation in Church life.

Approximately 800 children register in our Religious Education Program, Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. Our Religious Education program strives, with the family, to provide opportunities for children to develop Catholic values and an active faith life.

To volunteer in our program, please contact the parish office at(936) 756-8186.

Magda Gallegos – Youth Ministry – Jr. High – Grades 6-8

936-521-3998 |

Stacey Jata – Youth Ministry – High School – Grades 9-12

936-521-3708 |


Join Our Church Database

Our Church database is an online system called Connect Now. This system allows parishioners to create an account to view and change the personal information that the church has on file for your family. Connect Now helps us have the most current information in our records and it allows you to see your information, giving history, and even upload a photo.

New Religious Education Registration

Families will need to create an account on Connect Now. After you’ve established your account, you will be able to register your children for Religious Education. Access to this system must be verified by our church office before you can log on to view your information. You will receive an email once your account is ready.

To create an account and access your family’s information, please gohere.When using a mobile device, please click “Full Site” at the bottom of the screen. If you continue to have trouble, try using a desktop/laptop or call the church office at(936) 521-3711.

If you are having trouble creating a new account, you can view this trainingvideo.

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8:00 AM

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First Saturday

9:30 am

Daily Masses
Monday - Thursday

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7:00 am
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First Friday

7:30 pm
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